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The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Ladd McNamara

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This is the second edition of The Cholesterol Conspiracy, "How Pharmaceutical Companies Continue to Hide the Truth About Nutritional Supplements (and Cholesterol); Includes the Newest Research Findings Showing the Effectiveness of Nutritionals in the Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease and Stroke."

By Ladd R. McNamara

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Your LDL cholesterol is like a balloon that gets statically charged (when electrons are rubbed off) and then is able to stick to a wall. LDL cholesterol will not stick to your arterial walls (form plaque) unless electrons are rubbed off, which is what happens with oxidation by free radicals. When electrons are stripped away by stress hormones (cortisol), tobacco smoke, or by any free radical damage, the cholesterol is damaged, and becomes "sticky." It now sticks within the nicks in the artierial walls, which were in turn caused by oxidation from excessive homocysteine levels.

That is precisely why YOU can have a perfectly NORMAL LDL cholesterol level and still get heart disease, …because although the level of your LDL cholesterol may be normal, the condition of it is not. Oxidation leads to inflammation and plaque formation within the arteries no matter what your cholesterol level is. In fact, the majority of people dying of heart disease have NORMAL LDL cholesterol levels! The reason: because their LDL cholesterol and arteries are oxidized year after year and plaque develops despite normal LDL cholesterol levels. So, HOW MUCH good are we doing by simply lowering their LDL cholesterol with statin drugs?

If YOU are not taking vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the essential fatty acids then your LDL cholesterol is being oxidized. It IS sticking to your arterial walls, and you ARE developing heart disease EVEN IF YOUR CHOLESTEROL LEVELS ARE NORMAL! And, this has been going on for years. You have been developing heart disease from childhood. The good news is, you CAN do something about this disease process, and the answer is NOT found with the use of drugs and more drugs. It is with lifestyle changes: a good diet, exercise, reduced stress, plenty of sleep, weight management, and most importantly a quality nutritional supplement program involving a wide array of antioxidants to protect your cholesterol and arterial walls.

Please be advised that you must NOT make any changes, such as coming off cholesterol medications without a thorough discussion with your physician regarding such medications based upon any materials produced by Ladd McNamara. These materials are for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to self-treat or diagnose. Discuss this information, especially the information found in The Cholesterol Conspiracy with your physician, and ONLY after such a discussion with your doctor should you together come up with an appropriate treatment plan. It is highly advised that you discuss this information with a doctor who has a keen understanding of the importance and knowledge of the power of quality nutritional supplements.

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Feel free to post your experiences and thoughts regarding The Cholesterol Conspiracy here, and please read Dr. Wentz's foreword to the upcoming Revised Second Edition of The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Ladd McNamara (see below).


Terri said...
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Ladd McNamara said...

This was sent to me from Joan Baumann ...thanks Joan, the evidence keeps rolling out ....

Hi Ladd,

No doubt you will find this new research very interesting. To think that lower cholesterol levels are actually found in patients who experience major strokes vs. higher levels in patients with minor strokes.

Joan Baumann

Stroke. 2007 Aug 30;

Higher Total Serum Cholesterol Levels Are Associated With Less Severe Strokes and Lower All-Cause Mortality. Ten-Year Follow-Up of Ischemic Strokes in the Copenhagen Stroke Study.

Olsen TS, Christensen RH, Kammersgaard LP, Andersen KK.

From the Stroke Unit, Hvidovre University Hospital, Hvidovre, and the Department of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, Section for Statistics, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Evidence of a causal relation between serum cholesterol and stroke is inconsistent. We investigated the relation between total serum cholesterol and both stroke severity and post stroke mortality to test the hypothesis that hypercholesterolemia is primarily associated with minor stroke. METHODS: In the study, 652 unselected patients with ischemic stroke arrived at the hospital within 24 hours of stroke onset. A measure of total serum cholesterol was obtained in 513 (79%) within the 24-hour time window. Stroke severity was measured with the Scandinavian Stroke Scale (0=worst, 58=best); a full cardiovascular risk profile was established for all. Death within 10 years after stroke onset was obtained from the Danish Registry of Persons. RESULTS: Mean+/-SD age of the 513 patients was 75+/-10 years, 54% were women, and the mean+/-SD Scandinavian Stroke Scale score was 39+/-17. Serum cholesterol was inversely and almost linearly related to stroke severity: an increase of 1 mmol/L in total serum cholesterol resulted in an increase in the Scandinavian Stroke Scale score of 1.32 (95% CI, 0.28 to 2.36, P=0.013), meaning that higher cholesterol levels are associated with less severe strokes. A survival analysis revealed an inverse linear relation between serum cholesterol and mortality, meaning that an increase of 1 mmol/L in cholesterol results in a hazard ratio of 0.89 (95% CI, 0.82 to 0.97, P=0.01). CONCLUSIONS: The results of our study support the hypothesis that a higher cholesterol level favors development of minor strokes. Because of selection, therefore, major strokes are more often seen in patients with lower cholesterol levels. Post stroke mortality, therefore, is inversely related to cholesterol.

Dr. McNamara: What this says is, the lower the cholesterol in this study the more potentially fatal the stroke. The people with higher cholesterl levels had less severe strokes than the people with low cholesterol levels.

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Julie Johnson said...

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J.S. said...

Uggh! Thanks a lot. I'm more freaked out than ever now. First I went here and read about some foods that can lower cholesterol. Then I thought I'd do a little more research to set my mind at rest and ended up here where you tell me "YOU can have a perfectly NORMAL LDL cholesterol level and still get heart disease". It's all doom and gloom so I'm going to try stick my head back in the sand and forget about it—no more greasy kebabs for me though. :~(